Tuesday, 28 April 2009

WBRTBN films...

....or "White Background, Red Title and Blue Name" films.

In terms of poster design these films suck. They are universally the same sort of film: 'quirky' (ie mass produced) rom-coms, these are the films where a board of people have sat around and brain stormed what ever hasn't been done recently and make what ever falls out:

"ohh lets have a ghost"
"done! where's the coke?".

I hate this kind of film (I've yet to see one I've enjoyed) and it really annoys me that they seem to be breeding - I guess in a recession they're cheap and easy to produce.

Either way utterly sick of seeing the adverts for them on the sides of buses - they could at least try to vary them and try to stand out/lighten my day a bit.....

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