Monday, 20 April 2009

Revision Blues

Its truly amazing how much I get done when I should be revising. I mean in the past three days I've cleaned the bathroom (utterly its beautiful), cooked a huge dinner, completely dismantled a chest of drawers... and drank a lot.

Why can't I find a way to focus this procrastination into something when it would be useful? Maybe I should look for jobs I hate to avoid, either way revision with something is a must I have decided. You get stuff done! need to work through statistics still though which sucks as revising it is painful, at least it's easy to follow.

In other news it does amuse me how people seem to fail at basic concepts of data security, I can still submit emails to an emailing list that I should no longer be admin for and they get auto-accepted still, ah power what fun!

hmmmm wonder how many of my friends have actually found this yet or even bothered.... ah well can keep dumping random stuff here none the less.

gah must stop blathering.....

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