Wednesday, 15 April 2009

trying to get back to this

Well as I seem to be pissing people off spamming interesting stuff to facebook I'm going to start spamming it here instead.

First thing of shiny at the moment is that I've truly discovered the joys of BBC iPlayer the last few evenings (hell its been that or revision) and so discovered a pretty good radio drama called "Old Harry's game" which is written by Andy Hamilton (regular of various radio comedies).

The premise is pretty simple, a character called 'the Prof' is in hell and Satan (played by Andy) is trying to crush him. Only listened to one episode so far but was well written, some clever jokes and an interesting take on the human condition.

In other news did i mention I hate revision?

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Bugs said...

I liked your FB posts, a bit of fury every now and again is good for the soul.

Anyway, commenting to tell you that I have the CDs for the first two seasons of Old Harry's Game. Not all the eps from each season are on the discs, I think just six from each. I *think* I have them in London - if so you're welcome to borrow them.

Listen to Plane Crazy as well, if it's still on iPlayer. It's a totally different premise but the style reminds me of OHG.