Thursday, 23 April 2009

rantidote - just so Cool

As an antidote to my rant on science journalism here is a 4 min video ABOUT ROBOT PENGUINS!

As far as I know this isn't a spoof here is a New Scientist report on the penguins and here is the link to the learning bionics network.

Interestingly I think one of the most important bits of the video is hidden away towards the end when they discuss how they're pushing for home matter printers. If this can happen (in a significant way ie circuitry printing) it will be as big a shift as the internet.

Either way


UPDATE 11:27 23-04-09: is equally cool - air manta ray

UPDATE 11:38 23-04-09 robo - jelly fish!

interesting the mechanical engineering (ie moving bits) for a lot of these seem reasonably simple a lot of the elegance seems to stem from using very clever materials that flow and bend in a very natural and useful way.

Here's to riding around on manta ray dirigibles or using an air jelly fish rather than a lift!


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