Monday, 20 April 2009

TED, Ze Frank and stop motion

Ok well pretty tired now, certainly nearly bed time but late night surfing has revealed a few funky things:

First the TED talks - these are awesome, random people (organised online as far as I know) talking about what ever it is they do. Huge range of people form philanthropists organising aid for Africa to this a performance by Jennifer Lin to this which is a very good, if very geeky, stand-up routine from one of the old school virals: "how to dance properly" from 2001.

Ze Frank is in fact the next item in the title because his blog looks interesting, if I get a links page sorted he's probably going on it, as will TED and all other odd things. Not done much exploring of the blog but some of the projects seem interestingly arsty/flash mob-esque.

Final part is something I found on Ze Frank which is an amazing video:

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