Sunday, 19 October 2008

wireless Eee woes.

Hmmm, well much as I love my little black box laptop (asus eee's are VERY nice) ubuntu seems to be the most annoying OS ever for setting up wireless - well thats an utter lie but it feels like it. It doesn't seem to save your settings even when you click the little save button and then it seems to refuse to reapply them hmmmm.. i think it may be that of the two networks i want to use one is WPA2 which ubuntu doens't seem to like and the other needs crazy verification (uni network using some sort of wierd client for acess) seems like im just going to have to get used to remembering my flat's wpa2 password ... ah well

secondry annoyance is that i can't run some of my simulation packages on it but thats hardy surprising and as long as SSH is available i should be ok.... ah well

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