Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Pah I should start

Well, I've got one (rejoice you know you want to) yes I've joined the blogsphere; which no matter how many times I hear still sounds like a cult...

This is supposed to be about me but I'm too tired for the joyous rubbish that all personal statements tend to be so I'm going to be even more boring and tell you about what I've been up today.

Firstly I was inspired which is pretty cool - really good idea for a short story which I will post more on (and maybe even it) later.

Secondly I set up what has to be the most serendipitous solution ever - it in fact solves two problems (possibly three) that I've been trying to resolve to do with my computers ('lil asus eee laptop and a custom desktop). Mainly I wanted cake to eat in the form of source control for my master's project (deep sea neutrino detector arrays, modelling of) and synchronised notes etc. This is not easy I have discovered; unless you use dropbox ( which will sync any files that are placed in its sync folder with the net - and then with any other computer that you give access to your online area. Not only does it allow this wonderful syncing it also has basic version control in that you can revert to previous saves of files and access them on any OS (well windows mac and 'nix)

hmmm anything else? slaving away over the longest install process ever - installing the highly useful (if you do high energy or particle physics) geant4 toolkit on my lil asus eee - now done after a mere 4 hours (estimate).

well it wasn't quite a personal statement but it seems to be most of one anyway... I'm off to test drop box some more. I also highly recommend to all you 'nix users a nice lil app called tasque which syncs up task lists with your desktop and as well as allowing integration with tomboy notes

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